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Hi, I'm Jules and am a fabric horder and user of said fabrics. I am a very lucky lass in that I am given lots of odd and ends of fabric from my lovely friends over a JB Quilting Fabrics so my stash is always growing - yet it's always the way that when I want a particular colour or shade I you just don't have it - so for me that means, I don't have enough and therefore should never feel guilty about getting more fabric :o)

I live in Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire, England and have done for 16 years. There is a country park on my door step that houses the Olympic white water rafting course, which has a couple of cafes over there, it's nice to just go and watch people raft and canoe the course. That and being able to walk around the lakes, river and canal over there.

I live with my three elderly cats, all of whom I've had since they were little 'un and I dote on them, I always say I have a furry family.
I have a God-daughter who is four called Marlie and she is the love of my life, probably as I don't have children myself. I'm lucky in that I get to spend a lot of time with her and have been lucky to be around her a lot and see her grow.

I have always sewn in one way or another, for a lot of years it was embroidery and everyone in my family has an embroidered picture, then I started sewing bags and then I discovered patchwork quilts and the last six years have been full of them and again, everyone in my family has one. I think my last count was about 36, including sofa throws. I've made quite a few cushion covers, have had a go at strip piecing a picture and have made my God-daughter some dresses. All in all I'm a happy little sewer.

If you have any questions I'd be really happy to help, just let me know.


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