Thursday, 25 April 2013

String quarter'et'

I always have the feeling that I'm lagging behind, I saw this sort of quilt a year or two ago and just thought it looked like a lot of work... but I've decided to have a go.

It's taken just over three hours to make four 12"x12" squares and I think it will need to be at least 6x6 maybe with borders... hmmm will have to wait and see when the other 32 are done.

I'm using grease proof paper for the foundation paper.

A couple of update pics -  it's coming along. I think by tonight I will have finished another 12 corner blocks. It's moving quicker than I thought

More update pictures - and it truly goes to show that lightening with photography is everything... the first is taken in my flat and the second in my neighbours house... what a difference.

I'm really pleased with it so far - I think I'll leave it with that number of blocks and do some borders on it to pad it out.

Here it is with the border on, but it has to be taken off again and re-stitches as the squares are all on the bias so it's stretched and it's just wrong, the border has too much fabric in it, strange!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Winnie the Pooh sun dress

Really easy pattern, I made the pattern on grease proof paper using the childs measurements... binding on the underarm and up over the shoulder and a gathered front and back.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Beach huts quilt

This started out as a small quilt, which I liked, but I thought the blocks were too big, so I made a load more smaller ones, 80 in all. I put them all together and quilted it... then decided it was too thin, so using all the half square triangles from the roofs, I made another panel. To attach it I placed the wadding next to the main piece and ran a zigzag down it, then I attached the backing, then the front, quilted it and the added the spotty green binding. It has what I call an ice cream blue. It is single bed size.

Beach wall hanging

A little wall hanging for my friends mum who loves the seaside.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cushion cover

This was made after I found a quilting pattern in a magazine. I thought I was being really clever in that all the teardrop shapes are from the holes they are near, but with a busy pattern like that it didn't show up.... still, I like it!
I used bondaweb to put the pattern on the cream and then appliqued it on.

Dress for my God-daughter

The colours in the picture really don't do it justice, but then again I am no photographer. It's a beautiful cerise batik with orange butterflies. I made the little flower on the front of the dress by sewing a tube, then doing a large running stick along one edge, gathering it up and securing it with a covered button.
The dress was done after I saw a picture in a book, I made up a pattern on grease proof paper, measured it and it came out in a size that would have fitted a 9 year old, my God-daughter is 3.... so I took it in a little :o)

Also since I took this picture, I have taken the pocket off as it seemed to make it pull on the dress - now all we need is a little warm weather so she'll be able to wear it.

Saturday, 6 April 2013