Monday, 30 June 2014

Finishes this past week

The church wall hanging is up on the wall at last, we were sewing the last evening from 5.30pm until 9.30pm, it was a hard push but very worth it. Although now I'm really trying hard to be pleased with it and stop finding faults with it, but hey ho that's just the way I am, on the up side at least I'm not pointing them out ;0)

My other finish is for my very good friend Jule's new grand daughter Madeline who arrived last week. A really sweet little log cabin quilt done in furrows.
I used a red and white heart fabric for the centre of each square,  as I think it really lends itself to representing the heart of the home.
I've done another scrappy back,  though with only three fabrics and I used big white dots on red for the binding.

If you've ever wanted to do a pixelated quilt there is a gadget to pixelate pictures into a quilt layout. I have quite a few patterns printed off. The only thin I would say there is part of it which doesn't print correctly, so you'd have to do a screen shot of it and print it that way - it's the part where it shows you which colours you need how many jof, it squares, triangles etc.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Church wall hangings - WiPs Wednesday

We have had a church sewing group for a few months now, with a core of two of us, with another one coming along when she can.

It is quite strange to think that something is taking so long, but if I actually look at the hours, we have achieved quite a lot, with one of them only needing binding and I can't tell you how good it feels to be that close to finishing it. It will be unveiled at the church's Sunday School anniversary on the 29th June. We are aiming to get another one finished as well, but I don't like the lettering, it's too small, so it may not make it.

I love this one as there is so much colour in it and the back looks FABULOUS with just cotton thread.

It really shows just how many stitches are in it and you get a real sense of the thread, which does show up on the front more in the actual hanging than the pictures.

I love the quilting on the dove, I'm really pleased with it and in the sun to.

The other one the words will definitely have to be bigger. It looks a bit plain next to the first one, but I think once we've quilted it, I'm thinking in a variegated thread in a wobbly line all coming out from the heart and dove, it will look a lot better.

I also have a small finish - a little dress for my lovely God-daughter Marlie.

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Ticker tape elephant wall hanging

I saw this pattern in a magazine called love scrap quilts, the original was in a mixture of blues greens creams and other pale colours.

I wanted to do mine in black and white and i'm really pleased with it, other than the fact I got a bit of hair dye on it.

I used a mother of pearl buttons for the eye, and I have just realised I forgot the quilting part of it. Oh well! It's finished now so it won't be quilted.

I think I did it in a bit of a weird way, I took a photograph of the picture in the magazine, then traced it on to grease proof paper, twice, one of which I used to sew the outline onto the fabric sandwich, the other I filled in with the little pieces placement and use that cutting that and the fabric out at the same time.