Monday, 11 March 2013

My first post

Hi, welcome to my new blog, a place where I will share my quilting and my ideas, point to people who I use in the world of quilting and who's items are think are worth mentioning.
It may well be a very random, like this post ... but as I'm new to all this, it can only get better.

I thought I would post mainly what I've finished over the weekend and what I plan on next... so here goes for the first one....

This one is called - On the Plus side - I finished the top over the weekend and now I'm waiting for inspiration as to how I'm going to quilt it.

It's about six and a half feet by five and a half feet... so pretty big, in fact the biggest I've ever made so far... I do really think I need a long arm quilting machine, but think I'd have to move flats first, either that or get rid of all my furniture :o)

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