Sunday, 6 July 2014

New-old machine

My sewing  machine has broken again and for the time being can't afford to get it fixed. I am in one of those catch 22 situation, I need to have a machine to sew my commissioned quilt to earn the money to fix my machine, but need my machine to make the quilt!

I put my gripe on facebook and one of my cousins offered me her Mum's old machine. Then came the logistics of getting it to me,  at which point another cousin offered to drive it over - so not only did I get a new - old machine, I got to see two  of my cousins today. I don't often see my cousins as we are quite a large family, there are 27 first cousins in my family and goodness knows how many second cousins and cousins in law.

The machine is a Jones machine, although what model is I don't know, but if anybody has any idea please let me know.

At one point I plugged the machine in, then went into my kitchen and came back out about five minutes later because I heard a noise, which I thought was the rain starting, only to find the machine running on its own. I think my aunt came for a visit and wanted to let me know that she is happy that I have the machine.

I have had a go on it and it's sews lovely, I am feeling very blessed today!

I also have a finish today, courtesy of my neighbour Roo and her
sewing machine.

That's Roo in the picture and Abbigail helping to model it - she is
such a cutie. 

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  1. Another fab quilt! And Abbigail is adorable :) I think those old machines were better made than the ones we get today. It'll probably outlast all the ones we're using now :)