Saturday, 18 May 2013

NOW FINISHED ... bright stripy quilt ... the work so far...

This has come together quicker than I thought. In about six hours I can do about 40 blocks, so far it's been less than a weeks work. I have had two previous sizes so far, but they weren't right, so I'm going for a large one. I've done all the blocks - well I think I have, I'll lay it out at my neighbours today - and if it's big enough I'll sew them all together.
Seeing that pile of finished blocks just makes me really excited...
I just love seeing a pile of strips and the posibilities of what they can be.... gorgeous.

I haven't done many bright quilts, they generally tend to be in autumn colours.
I think my favourite quilt of all time (so far) is my yellows, browns, beiges, oranges and reds log cabin with roses quilted all over ... after a few washes it's become really tactile and fab.... and I'm thinking I should make a bigger one now, especially as I didn't know about speed piecing when I made it :0) hmmm next project perhaps... but no I have a wedding gift quilt to make for my God daughters parents and six cushion covers for my sister who's is back from Australia for six weeks next month.
It's now finished and with it's new owner, my neighbour Saphire. I backed it in a lime green fabric with a white swirly pattern on it... I think she was pleased.
This is Saphire (on the right) the recipient of the quilt. It didn't turn out as big as I thought, but I had reached my peak doing that quilt and decided to just finish it off.

Here is Tigger (top right) checking to see if he likes the layout -
I think he approved :o)

I did an all over stippling quilting.

This is the backing fabric - I really like it and hope the shop
has some more - it was really cheap, double width and £3 a metre.

The green strip on the top block is what the backing is made from. I keep forgetting to take a picture of the backing.