Tuesday, 28 May 2013

NOW FINISHED - Work in progress - backpack

The finished article. I am really pleased with it.

I started this Bank holiday Monday and so far the progress hasn't been too shabby.

I've done the front, including the pocket, the back, the zip part and one handle - and I changed my mind a few times about a few things.
The colours are closer to the picture of the front with the pocket on, it's really vibrant autumn colours.

The strippy bit is the pocket.

 For the top I drew out a foundation piece on grease proof paper with a ruler and pencil.

The inside of the pocket has cats and pretty much all of the panels are different, so it really is a patchwork backpack. I'm really pleased it.


  1. It's looking great. These are gorgeous colours!

  2. got here from lee even though you couldn't link in. =)
    it's definitely scrappy (patchwork), like you said! coming along nicely.

  3. Great job on that backpack! You made it all up, not from a pattern? That's awesome! Looks super!

  4. Brilliant idea on the backpack. I love the combination of strips and sunburst on the backpack: they work so well together.