Monday, 2 September 2013

Sewing pouches

I've been asked to have a table at a craft night to pass along craft skills and show people what is out there and available to do, I'll be doing a bit of patchwork, some quilting, some embroidery and some bunting making.
There will be other people doing other bits like card making and corn dollies.

I have tasked myself with making a whole selection of mini sewing kits, some are just a pouch, some are fold out ones, some have pockets on both sides, some have a thing for holding thread, each one will have different bits in them (though some will have the same as each other), in some I'll put hexies, the paper, the fabric, some made up and some attached to other, I'm going to make some plain mug mats that can be quilted and decorated with other bits of fabric etc, some bunting kits. Each one will have a reel of thread and a needle, some will have embroidery floss and others will have scraps of fabric.

Below are some of the pouches I've made so far - thank you Janine for reminding me I had some bird fabric :o)

 I will try and take better photo's in future.

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