Tuesday, 15 April 2014

WiPs Wednesday - big scrappy log cabin.

I made this top about a year ago, but after a little mishap quilting a smaller quilt and a few folds in the back,  I decided to unpick it into quarters and quilt it that way instead. It's 84" square or just over 6 foot square. The logs are 2" wide.

It is the biggest quilt to date. Only one more quarter to make the back for and quilt, then the sashing and binding,  but as you may notice I'm running out of space to lay it out... another good reason to quilt in quarters I think!

I'm quilting it with loops and even though I like loops, I really don't like quilting the loops, but then quilting is not one of my favourite things to do, I much prefer picking the fabrics and piecing.

I've realised in the picture that the bottom corner should be on the other side as it's not in the right format, but as it's not attached yet, that will be easily fixed - by moving my furniture out of the way :o), no I think a visit to my neighbours house with her much larger floor space is needed.

My next work in progress is going to be some cushion covers that hopefully, fingers crossed, will be sold at a craft fair. These are some of the flowers I've cut out so far, they're Kaffe fasset fabrics, which I think are perfect for them.


  1. I love log cabin quilts - this is looking great

  2. Love that log cabin! (You're inspiring me to try my hand at a scrappy log cabin. Heaven knows I have enough scraps for it...)

  3. anymore I just love log cabins and I want to do more and more and more of them.
    I have 3 projects in the works now that I have the blocks made for.
    Then again, I have tons of other projects in the works too.
    I wonder if I will ever be able to just work on one until it's done before starting another one......nah! LOL

    1. Why would you only ever want to work on one project at a time, where is the fun in that! I think there would be fewer and fewer Wips on a Wednesday if we only stuck to one at a go... the more the merrier I say!!

  4. I love the pillow appliques! Good for a craft fair, too.

    That is one super huge log cabin quilt!!!! Good luck getting it quilted!