Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Growing group

I have certainly not been in a blogging mood recently, with my machine living more in the repair shop than in my home, it's made me a bit grumpy and unsettled to say the least, it's been like my right arm has being missing.

I have managed to do a few blocks when it has been at home and hopefully it is now fixed for the last time, well that problem anyway, I've ended up having the shuttle part that the bobbin holder sits in replaced.

Here is the little group that's grown so far - there are now only three more blocks to do, then I can start assembling it and recoup the money for the machine repairs from what I'm charging for this - it's going to be the whole lot of it and a tad more - perhaps that was the reason I got this commission as my machine was going to break.

I'm happy with the little group so far.


  1. I'm sorry you are having so much hassle with your machine. The blocks look great and hopefully you'll be able to finish this quilt with no more trouble xx

  2. This quilt makes me smile every time I see it :)