Saturday, 2 August 2014

My machine is fixed and home

I have really missed my sewing machine, but it went into the shop when I was on a short holiday with my God-daughter Marlie - we went to Bournemouth for a few days and did Monkey World, which is a sanctuary for the forlorn and abused monkeys, it's a lovely place and it's nice to know that rescue and conservation is their main mission - anyway, I now have my machine back all working ticketyboo and this is the first thing that came off it yesterday.

There are a couple of bits that should have lined up a bit more than they do, but I spent a lot of time with the unpicker from the picture below, there are two differences... can you spot them?

Well there is one of the hind legs in the wrong colour and the bit at the top of the darker brown front leg should have been fawn, but I did it in the green, then I studiously unpicked it, only to sew the same colour in it again, so I unpicked it again and got it right the next time, then I had to put it down as it was annoying me so much.

She just needs the little spots appliqued on her back, then she's all finished.

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