Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Purse tutorial

Well I have finally written my first tutorial and I have a lot more respect for others that have done it, it takes time and effort.

Purse / Wallet
Cut as follows – all measurements in inches.

1 piece 14 ½ x 10”, this will be the outside piece
1 piece 13 ½ x 9, this will be the inside piece
1 piece of wadding 14 ½ x 10

Sandwich the pieces and quilt – any sort of quilting is fine, so long as it’s heavy and close together. I did a grid ¼” apart. If you chose to do a grid, make sure you alternate the ends that you sew from, unless you use a walking foot, which I understand stops the fabric from moving, but I’ve yet to work out how mine works!

Cut to the smaller piece, fold into three and iron.

Next are the card pockets, cut 8 pieces 4” x 5”, fold right sides together and with the raw edges at the top, sew along the left side. One of the eight you will need to sew along the long raw edge, this will be the bottom pouch. When you’ve done all eight, fold out and iron. Place these along the right hand side, evenly spaced, the sewn edge will be on the left and the raw edges on the right and bottom.
You will then need to sew the bottom of each of them, starting from the top one, keep checking the left edge to make sure they line up, once that is done, sew down the left edge, you then need to put a card in the top pocket to find your right hand sewing line, you want them snug so they don’t fall out.

Receipt pocket.

Cut a piece 8 ¾ x 9 fold right sides together along the 9” edge, sew along both sides and most of the top, leaving a gap to turn through, clip the corners and turn through, fold in the opening and iron, lay on to the middle section to check the measurements, if it fits to about a ½ inch to the edges it’s perfect. You then need to sew the Velcro fastenings on, when the pouch top is layed on, mark the middle of both pieces and sew the Velcro on both sides, I would have the Velcro opening on the left hand side, once both pieces sewn on, lay the top part on and sew along the three sides with no Velcro.

Zippered purse.

This is a bit of a fiddly bit.
Firstly put ends on your zip.

Having the extra bits seems to help at the end.
Next cut 2 pieces 8 ½ x 9”, with wrong sides together, fold in half along the 9” side and iron. Either end of the fold, fold in both pieces ½”

Now turn the pieces right sides together and sew down the edges not folded in, open out and press.
No you need to sew it to the back piece in between the receipt pocket and card holder part. Just secure with a straight line down the middle.
Now to insert the zip, tuck into one side and sew near to the edge. Now the tricky part, you need to put the other side of the zip into the other end, I ended up sewing the middle bit, then the ends. I think I ended up using all my fingers so hold it in place, as well as pins.

Then sew up either sides.
For the flap you can either shape it or leave it square, as I’ve done in this one. Then you need to bind it, I found doing a separate binding on the edge of the card holder allows you to do a large piece of binding to cover the raw edges of the card holder, I used an 1 ½” and then an 1 ¼” for the rest of the binding.

I sewed a button hole in the flap and then sewed a button on the outside of the credit card piece, it can be a bit tricky as you have to be opening the credit card bits and sewing through that.

I'd love to see any that are made, pleased do email me.


  1. Congrats on a great first tute. This is a lovely purse. I like all the pockets etc to keep organised :)

  2. Loved the tutorial. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to compose it. I do not have any purses on my to do list right now but I have bookmarked this for the future. Looks great!

  3. That looks so awesome! Good job on the tutorial.