Thursday, 30 January 2014

Dog bed

One of the ladies at work has a four-month-old Jack Russell puppy who comes to work with her, she is adorable, so I decided to make her a bed.

I used all the tiny strips of fabric and wadding I had saved up after I saw a comment about using them for stuffing pet beds.

I used an assortment of fleece off-cuts and some soft corduroy for the backing.

I think she's happy.


  1. I think she is happy too!! What a pretty bed :) My pups would have it destroyed in about 10 minutes - bad puppies!! haha I am hoping when they get a little older they will chillax and not be so destructive with beds. . . . One is a year, the other is going to be two. . . still hasn't happened LOL

  2. This is a beautiful bed for that little dog. And brilliant use of fabric and wadding scraps :)