Monday, 20 January 2014

Economy blocks finish.

This was a really quick little quilt to make. I think I will use the blocks again, but I think with all the bits the right side with no trimming, as I found that a really boring part.
I wanted to try a different kind of quilting, I did the loop-d-loop with a loop inside each loop and about half way through I decided I didn't like that either. .. then came the binding and I realised I didn't like that either, so I'm really glad it's finished.  I do however,  like the fabrics I used. I used lots of Disney prints with princesses, Winney the Pooh, animals and my favourite which is in the top right corner,  which says Good night little one... very cute.  Bright quilts are a relatively new thing for me, I like autumnal colours the best,  but I will make more things out of bright stuff.

I backed it in a really sweet flowery fabric.

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